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Langur Business| 26mins
Director: Dr. Sukarna Deb | Producer: Dr. Sukarna Deb
Focus Years: 2004 | Country: India
Subject Tags: asia, environment, india
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
“India the land of biodiversity”, thousand of different kind of species is found from northern Himalayan to southern coastal region. Tripura is one of the states of India where we find a beautiful species called Phayeris langur, many people call them spectacle langur as white rings encircle the eyes giving them an appearance of being be spectacled. Apes, monkeys and man are primates, referring to the highest order of mammals, was first used by the naturalist Carl Linnaeus, to indicate that these animals are the primary animals which are superiors to others. The first primates as far as we know were small tree dwelling animals that lived about 70 million years ago. They have evolved from primitive insect eating animals. Recently the name spectacle langur came under the schedule one of the endangered species. This species flourished from the deep jungles of Myanmar, Assam and Tripura. Human beings, we have a distinct genetic lineage to animals like this. They are living in a part of world where the habitat is disappearing gradually with less than 30 percent original habitat left. They are usually 60-65 cm long and their tail 75 cm long. Male and female species are generally 9 and 7 kg. Darker brown on the dorsal side with a varying degree of grayish gloss over the back and a ventral surface of white or whitish yellow. They sport specs, white rings encircling the eyes give them an appearance of being be spectacled. Animals of same family usually brushes one another, this makes them close to one another. It is the sign of love and affection and which makes the relation of whole life. November they have to go far in the search of food. This changing season is new for the new born babies. Like the changing seasons of forest the life of monkey also changes. They usually give birth to single offspring between December and May. And live approximately for 20 yrs. Usually they eat tender Bamboo shoots, Tamarind leaf, fruits, leaves of Albizzia procer, Stipulate, Acacia, Denolix regia, etc. they are leaf eater. Bamboo shoots are their favorite food. Very rarely they come to the ground, most of the times they remain on the trees. As India’s vast population grows, and her people begin to demand the standard of living that the western world takes for granted the pressure of her wild land and the Phayrei langur will grow even greater, animals roaming on the hills urgently need love and affection. For anyone who cares for these beautiful playing creatures, it’s a prime responsibility at least we know what it is, we have to prevent poaching protect the habitat and reestablish the link between the remaining population. Natural extinction of species is nature’s way of giving rise to more advanced form of life adapted to changing environmental conditions, as a process of evolution. The disappearance of many species in the recent past has largely been due to man’s destructive activities. If you let our wild life vanish slowly and steadily as we go along making scientific and technological advancements our own survival will be in peril.

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