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Illes de futur - Experiències de resiliència a Mallorca| 42mins
Director: José María Aranda | Producer: Avanç filmacions educatives
Focus Years: 2012 | Country: Spain
Subject Tags: europe, fair-share, farming, food, new community, simplicity, spain, sustainability, sustainability, systems
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
DOC: Future Islands: Experiences of resilience in Mallorca Why do some ecosystems collapse when disturbed while others do not? Resilience is the ability to deal with change and continue to develop. Want to know alternatives that are offered in Mallorca? We present five experiences of resilience in Mallorca, experiences in ecology founded on sustainability to the destabilization of the system we live. Resilience: The ability of a person or group to cope and properly overcome adversity and difficulties in life, leaving positively reinforced and transformed, in a socially acceptable in a sustainable environment. Explain what are the real opportunities to leverage our experience in that project about a new model of production, education, social relationships, food and general living. This documentary unveils five true stories of individuals and groups who participate in high-impact initiatives resilient, and offer alternatives to a more devastating than what the media and institutional power says. "We", "Cooperative energy", "This is life" are some of the examples that are explained in an audiovisual format about 5 minutes, what is its origin and what is the way their participants understand it. "In Mallorca, Spain, there is no plan B. Plan A is tourism and if it fails, this is very dangerous." This documentary explains how in a practical way any citizen can be incorporated into your life to create a more sustainable and socially just future. Progressive initiatives coincide with the need to give visibility to these experiences and take advantage of the new landscape of technology and social media to multiply the communicative effect that was previously monopolized by the traditional media. Parallel covers a pressing need to generate relevant and attractive content to match the new format of information and places where people access to new knowledge.

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