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Just Unjust| 3mins
Director: Neelkanti Patekar | Producer: Malhar films
Focus Years: 2007 | Country: India
Subject Tags: asia, health
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
The film 'just unjust' on AIDS awareness, on use of condoms as also the fate of AIDS stricken children, both being the vital issues. A young pair flirting in a cab, gets struck in traffic, come across 3 school girls. Wow! they give him an insight.. of AIDS.. What strikes the sex stricken youth is.. who does it..& who pays for it..! Life is too fast today.. the girl meets a boy.. concept.. too is in the fast lane.. they do not waste..(?) their life's precious career conscious years in this but prefer 'living in'.. which is physical rather than creating understanding.. a lifelong one.. So this speed is abnormal..& naturally applies brakes.. how..? these multi sex fundas.. crazy behaviors.. have actually given way to AIDS.. it's a virus.. so spreading phenomenally.. the one who goes with rampant sex.. gets it.. then may be it's a punishment for one's own acts.. but does the AIDS monster holding it's catch there..? NO!.. it's the next generation.. that's actually paying for the deeds they have not done.. the kids who r born out of AIDS stricken.. SEX is not a maniac's perversion.. it's actually a beautiful thing that happens to a human being to propagate life on this beautiful earth.. those who get AIDS because of their own perversions, give birth to children, who cannot have sex when they r grown ups.. because they are AIDS stricken by birth.. they r punished for the deeds they have not done.. if u enjoy sex like crazy.. waste ur life!.. not the next generations'!.. that's why 'it's JUST UNJUST'.. In red light area they sell sex.. but they do the act behind the curtains.. they lure their clients.. but take them to a room.. behind the curtains.. to perform an act.. here the boy is indulging into the act on the back seat of a taxi.. i. e. a public transport.. so he/ the pair has reached lower than the etiquettes of the red light area.. what right he has to use the abusing tone about the area when he himself has morally fallen.. he represents today's crest fallen sex crazy society.. Who should be called prostitutes?.. only the girls from the red light area..? r they the only ones who r responsible for spreading AIDS..? they r actually on the receiving end.. who visits them..?people from the society.. the circle is vicious.. who gets it from whom..? & it all started from a monkey in the African jungles.. do we say.. we r going back to our ancestral roots by this..? I would like to share all my films with you, your friends & family, your groups & communities. You can put the url on your site so that visitors to your page interested can view them - neelkantee

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