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Night on the City| 44mins
Director: Irena Daskalova | Producer: Teach Co Art Company
Focus Years: 2009 | Country: Bulgaria
Subject Tags: bulgaria, culture, education, europe, globalization, health, housing
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
Mitko Mitev is a cineaste. Every evening he sells tickets to the cinema-goers, who are between 3 and 7 people per screening. Then he goes to the cabin and sets the film running. Mitko is very sad that there are no other cinemas like his - the old and unfashionable ones - left in Sofia. The garbage men work shifts from 9 pm until 4 or 5 am. They cover the whole city because, as one of them says: “garbage is everywhere”. Artist Fanna Kolarova’s window overlooks one of the most famous squares in Sofia - Popa. The protagonist has lived in Berlin for 36 years, but often visits her home city, which she sees with new eyes. In the evenings she usually dances Argentinean tango on Krakra Street. Tango fans from Sofia are in for their regular tango lesson with their teacher. One of the women who are present is Fanna. Her demonstration moves with one partner develop into a passionate dance with the tango teacher. Their tango begins in the hall and finishes in a small Sofia street. Ilko is a taxi driver who is proud to be called “baksheesh”. He is a romantic who loves the smell of the blossoming lime trees in the night. He is passionate about model cars and heavy metal. The centre of Sofia. Employees of the roadworks company are marking the lanes of the street. Statues shrouded in mysterious light are watching the taxis go by. The night-time radio show with Niki Atansov begins. Who are the people who are not in bed already? We have another listener calling in to offer his diet to "the ones in need". The man also talks about a Shaolin monk whose only food is the sun. An anonymous transvestite tries to smash the camera. He dose not want to be filmed because that will prevent him from attending to his business. Tsveti is in his thirties and already knows almost everything about bread. Every night he prepares the Italian ciabatta bread for the people from the neighborhood, who never imagined that the small bakery would bring back their childhood memories with the smell of fresh bread. Midwife Antonina Kovacheva has been urgently summoned to the hospital to help with the birth of yet another baby who is to be born in the middle of the night. She often envies people who are sitting in the cafes and restaurants having fun when she has to start her shift at work. With the birth of a child, a new day is born for Sofia. The early-risers are already in the streets. Day-time life begins.

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