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No es Fácil - Children of Che| 47mins
Director: Jakob Reinhart | Producer: Jakob Reinhart
Focus Years: 2009 | Country: Germany
Subject Tags: cuba, europe, freedom, freewill, germany, germany, identity, politics
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
Every single person builds their own truth, carries their own inheritance with which one goes through life. The film deals with today’s life on Cuba as it happens in the shadow of its political father, Che Guevara. We see graffiti with his mottos on walls, the image of his face in living rooms, written on T-shirts or even onto whole houses. School kids dedicate their greeting "Let us be like Che" to the icon - and it becomes apparent that people growing up in Cuba cannot escape this heritage. Che, his inheritance, and its reception in every one of its variations are a solid and formative part of Cuban everyday life across all generations. As much as this is apparent, no one knows how this heritage will find it’s continuation. Aleida Guevara, his eldest daughter also fights for her personal inheritance. ‘That Che’s image does not become an empty icon’ is what she regards to be her life task. For Yoel, the sports teacher form Centro Havana, on the other hand, the task of surviving on a day-to-day basis has priority – no place is left for politics. The other protagonists have all found their own ways of dealing with reality. They have developed their own perspectives on things, influenced by their experiences and their places within society. The official hero-worship is part of the culture they live in. On the 40th anniversary of Che’s death a political and cultural act is performed on Plaza Che in Santa Clara. Delegates, military, youth and school groups, Aleida Guevara and children of the other fallen guerilleros assemble below the larger-than- life statue. Yoel and the people on the streets remain outside. Their lives continue in a normal manner, the everyday life has nothing in common with the official staging. The country is caught in standstill, its future locked in its own history. The legacy of Che threatens to perish in the generation conflict.
No es Fácil - Children of Che | 47mins

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