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Bali Life Is An Offering| 1hr : 32mins
Director: Kim Kindersley | Producer: Paulus H Arianto, Kim Kindersley, Robert Lagerwey, Robert Weber
Focus Years: 2010 | Country: Indonesia
Subject Tags: art, asia, belief, culture, divine feminine, earth as her, earth as mother, energy, four aspects, indonesia
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
Bali is a place people could come to and experience a possible future for the world John Hardy, founder of Bali's Green School It doesn't matter who you are. The power of the island of Bali could heal anyone. Agung Rai, renowned Balinese art dealer and founder of ARMA Art Museum Bali Life Is An Offering is a multifaceted documentary film luminous with images of Bali's rich traditional culture and breathtaking natural beauty, produced by an award-winning international team. The film revolves around exceptional people based on the island, who have dedicated their lives to maintaining and enhancing Bali's social, environmental and cultural harmony. Inspired by the Balinese philosophical concept tri hita karana harmony between the divine, mankind and nature Bali Life Is An Offering presents the Balinese way of being as a blueprint to inspire other countries and other cultures to harmony and wholeness. The film doesn't attempt to explain the minutiae of Balinese Hindu traditions; instead, it deliberately sets out to present an experience of what it is like to encounter Bali's magic first-hand. It achieves this through exquisite footage of typical sights in Bali - magnificent sunsets and beaches, lush jungle, thousand-year-old rice paddies, graceful dancers and elaborate rituals - as well as an evocative musical score featuring renowned Balinese artists performing thrilling traditional chants. The film's protagonists are both inspired and inspiring. Locals express their hopes for the Balinese concept of harmony and worship of nature to be taken out into the broader world, while a range of Westerners, most of whom have made the island their home, narrate their own personal journeys of transformation and spiritual awakening. All are working in their individual ways to maintain and enhance Bali's unique harmony and beauty in a positive, compassionate way. Issues they and their organizations address include the reintroduction of traditional organic agriculture, the rich potential of cross-cultural exchange, income-generating activities for impoverished communities, the importance of keeping beaches and oceans clean, traditional healing techniques, and educating children about green practices and sustainability. The film doesn't seek to expose any destructive activities on the island, but deliberately puts forward a positive message about the marvel of human potential. Together, the film's protagonists form a chorus of optimism and hopefulness. Most importantly, their messages are backed by their actions. Their unifying message is clear: Bali is a living treasure that deserves to be cared for. Bali Life Is An Offering is a song in praise of ancient Balinese wisdom and custom; an homage to the richness of contemporary inter-cultural exchange; and a visionary celebration of how the island of the gods can move sustainably into the future. Like the flower offerings that are ubiquitous in Bali and offered with reverence as a daily practice, Bali Life Is An Offering is also an offering an offering of gratitude for all that Bali was, is and has the potential to become.
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