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Bridging Heaven & Earth : Stephanie South ("Red Queen") and "Law Of Time" Videos| 58mins
Director: The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation | Producer: The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation
Focus Years: 2013 | Country: United States
Subject Tags: americas, art, consciousness, creativity, divine, global, spiritual awareness, united states
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
"Bridging Heaven & Earth" was created to bring the Magic back, to serve the Love, to heal the Heart, as an entity specifically dedicated to the Oneness. One of Bridging's main intentions is to support and expand the production and distribution of the television/media spiritual talk show, "Bridging Heaven & Earth". To date, over 300 Bridging shows have been finalized with some of the most beautiful, passionate, inspiring, empowering, loving, authors, artists, musicians, psychics, healers, teachers, etc., on the Planet. As you can see from the Bridging YouTube channel and Stations page, the Bridging show is aired and seen all over the world by millions of our beloved brothers and sisters. A further intention of Bridging is to continue the growth of the magical Bridging Heaven & Earth International Healing Art Project. The Healing Art Project came through as a vision, as a dream, as a mechanism for healing the heart of the planet, as an acupuncture for the planet... by having so many amazing people, of any age, any skill level, any format, any size, any medium, as on-going, infinite and inclusive, with no deadlines or time frames, no paperwork (in effect helping to set a new paradigm) produce an all- new, original, piece based on the theme, "Bridging Heaven & Earth". Almost 1000 artists have, joyously and lovingly, made their intention clear that they desire to collaborate with us in the grand healing, with over 400 all-new, original pieces based on the theme, "Bridging Heaven & Earth", having already been completed. To see the wondrous Bridging International Healing Art site and the magical healing art/artist/collaborators, go to: Another intention of Bridging is to establish, through love and the knowledge of the "Oneness" of all life, The Bridging Heaven & Earth Communications Center as a worldwide communications nucleus that will house and facilitate publishing, radio, TV, and recording production as well as retreat facilities, for the Global New Age Community. The goal is to be able to provide information and services regarding all facets of production and marketing which are essential to any successful enterprise of this type, and to offer retreat and workshop facilities that will make possible large group ventures to spread, through education and love, the awareness of our true connection. We are always available to collaborate with all those other groups and individuals who also feel the calling to bring the Magic back, to serve the Love, to heal the Heart, and that are dedicated to the Oneness. We look forward to hearing your ideas, feelings, thoughts, and visions.
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