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Next Revolution| 41mins
Director: Mark Szucs | Producer: Mark Szucs, Aniko Rimoczi
Focus Years: 2013 | Country: Hungary
Subject Tags: community, ecology, environment, europe, hungary, india, simplicity, sustainability
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
The consumer-based modern-day society of today is facing numerous new challenges on the dawn of the 21st century: intense natural disasters, difficulties in securing new energy supplies and an unjust food distribution system. However, there is a growing awareness of the decline of mankind and human society starts to realize the need to shifting the path towards a more enduring and preservative lifestyle to secure the ecosystem we are living in, the Earth, for future generations. Furthermore, it is becoming more obvious during times of global and financial crisis that only economic systems with wide-scale independence from centralized supply systems can successfully evade such chain reactions caused by collapsing economies. Independence from centralized supplies means nothing less than being self-sufficient, so what is self-sufficient farming, exactly? Is it manageable to create larger self-sufficient settlements, even cities? Do we possess the technology to change our way of living in such a radical way or is it a utopic thought, way out of our reach? Are we strong enough to escape the grip of the financial world and the recurring damage it does to our life? Can we finally abandon fossil fuels and nuclear power, yet still continue life with the same comfort we have gotten used to? Shouldn’t we choose a different solution to quell the worldwide hunger of more than 7 billion inhabitants on this planet than flooding the market with GMO products? For those who choose to make a change now, self-sufficient communities can be the solution to reach a lifestyle which is in balance with nature. And there is more to it than just growing healthy food and living in sync with nature: building a house is building a home, building a home is forging a community, and community means survival — as man needs others to share his thoughts, thus it is such a gathering of people with the same idea and vision which will be the first step in a new direction, leading society to new and unimaginable welfare – beyond the worth of money, gold or oil.

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