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Director: Pavitra Chalam | Producer: CurleyStreet Media
Focus Years: 2013 | Country: India
Subject Tags: asia, economies, healing, health, identity, india, relationships
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
Amidst the beaches and by-lanes of Chennai, India, Indelible discovers the indomitable spirit of seven people and their families, bound together by an extra chromosome. Diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, Babli, Revathi, Arti, Manimeghalai, Archana, Sandhya and Ashwin invite us into their homes and hearts to witness everything that text books and Wikipedia left out: what are people with Down’s syndrome really like? How do their families cope? What of their dreams, beliefs and karma? The film begins with Revathi – a young at heart, 66 year old with Down’s, who chats animatedly with the director about her love for shopping, pasta and how she “likes boys but would rather stand and talk to them from afar.” Much like Revathi, the Indelible Seven reveal personalities rich with inimitable passions and idiosyncrasies as distinct as their backgrounds. Through the stories of Babli – the pious and brave inspiration for a lifetime of work; Sandhya – the award winning classical dancer; Ashwin – the cricket loving boy next door; Manimeghalai – the large hearted girl in love; Arti – the twinkle eyed neighborhood favourite and Archana – the Olympic gold medalist; we get a glimpse into a magical world with people who have an endless capacity for love and courage. Their sometimes unreasonably positive outlook on life is as inspiring as it is infectious. In Archana’s words, “You have to be proud of you...your life”. The film also introduces us to Dr. Surekha Ramachandran, Chairman of the Down’s Syndrome Federation of India. A woman of unwavering resolve, who shares all she has learned from her daughter Babli about life and Down’s, Dr. Surekha today brings hope to thousands of families across the world. She runs a school called Mathru Mandir for people with Down’s syndrome, providing rehabilitation to her students and also building awareness on how, with a little help, these champions can lead lives of purpose and happiness. Champions not just for winning accolades but for standing confidently on the shoulders of their families, friends and teachers while showing the world that happiness lies on the other side of adversity! At its heart, Indelible is a story about hope and a tribute to the indestructible human spirit.

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