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Opening Film: Humanity Explored 2015| 11mins
Director: CultureUnplugged | Producer: CultureUnplugged
Focus Years: 2014 | Country: United States
Subject Tags: asia, communication, culture, global, globalization, human rights, india, non-violence, peace
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
the humanity / seeing divinity in truth, peace, beauty & benevolence /
shackled by beating beast beneath / awaits for elevation of nature. /// becoming divine /
the prime feature / of being human / lost in front news / headlines from countries /
developed and not / visible or not / lost in illusion induced by boundless greed
survival creed / lost for the apathy, insensitivity, insecurity. /// birthed from navel of love divine /
all Srishti / a spectacular spectrum of life, in hues seen unseen / seek eternally
the supreme might within / truth, the alchemist / refining all normal to noble / reveals, defines,
the meaning of benevolence... / the prime feature, of being human / lived and lit-up,
by evolutionaries amongst us, / wading their way through beastie barriers /
leading us up, / where we meet more authentic 'Self’. /// the humanity, now, / reveling & screaming
in present illusion of reality, / needing to find new in ether - the reality next - /
healing, wholesome and hearty– / uniting you, me, them & us - we, the humanity ////.…

Above: an excerpt from the poetic expression of "what is: Humanity Explored."

Humanity Explored : At this film festival, we gather to observe the present state of ‘us’ and inquire
“who are we?, what is humanity?” The festival aspires to help recognize the
reality of us as citizens of different locales of this earth, sharing the same
cosmic resources that sustains life in us, dreaming the same future,
experiencing same fundamental emotions, living similar life stories, yet
intensely feeling separation among us. Can we feel ‘interconnectedness’ or
‘oneness’ by sharing what fundamental emotions, needs and dreams unites us,
and question/contemplate the divisive perception of ‘otherness’? Lets celebrate
our collective humane evolution by contemplating the contemporary cultures
& societies, through cinema.

Discover Films on : Transformative Community Projects; Biographies of Celebrated Leaders; Contemporary Human Rights Issues; Philosophical/Anthropological Studies or Stories on Social Values, Violence & Justice; Insights into Present Geopolitical Issues; History of Pains and Perspectives from Cultures/Countries Across Globe; Historical Events Not Registered by Global Media.

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1. SRISHTI : The Entire Creation or Nature

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