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Daddy's Girl| 12mins
Director: Mike Brown | Producer: Mike Brown
Focus Years: 2012 | Country: United States
Subject Tags: americas, economies, ethics, health, relationships, united states
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
DADDY’S GIRL is the true story of Eric Brown, father to Aeriel Brown. After Aeriel starts to fall in and out of consciousness during her volleyball game, she is taken to the hospital where she is diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Almost immediately, Eric and his wife Angie are given a lone option of treatment: Chemotherapy. They refuse to accept what they deem a harmful treatment as the only option. Child Protection Services are called in and the Brown’s lose medical custody to their child in court, giving the hospitals free reign over Aeriel. Not long after, the treatments begin. All the while, Aeriel has been going through numerous brain surgeries (an eventual 10). Angie, in her fear and frustration, begins to blame Eric for what is becoming of their family. As Eric tries to reach out to churches, lawyers and any advocate he can find for help, he is rejected and loses further hope. Eric, however, does get the attention of a news reporter who runs a story detailing the events experienced by the Browns, which, in turn, leads a legal advocate group to Eric, offering their help. Meanwhile, due to the increasing attention brought against them, the hospital says they can no longer care for Aeriel and ships her to another hospital, 3 hours away. Curiosity finally strikes and Eric acquires Aeriel’s medical records and finds Aeriel’s tumor was never malignant and that the doctors knew from the very beginning. It doesn’t hold up in court, however, and Aeriel is now ordered to foster care. The advocate team, nevertheless, does research on the presiding judge, finding a loophole to win the case: he has never renewed his Oath of Office, making his authority and title null and void. With a motion to uproot the judge’s seat and authority now in motion, Eric faces the judge in court yet again, this time with the tables turned. The judge, reluctantly, eventually succumbs and agrees to throw out the case and previous rulings, if Eric withdraws his motion. The Browns stop the treatments, get their daughter back and become a family again.
Daddy's Girl | 12mins

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