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An Anarchist Life| 1hr : 12mins
Director: Ivan Bormann Fabio Toich | Producer: ig
Focus Years: 2012 | Country: Italy
Subject Tags: europe, global, italy, leadership, politics, war
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
It is a model story, an extraordinary adventure, a tale of revolutionary practice and tension, among anarchy and irony, simplicity, curiosity and vitality all throughout Europe, its wars and the social struggles of the 1900s. It is a story on how to live all in one breath, responsibly, diving into contradictions, "getting one's hands dirty", and still keeping one's balance between theory and practice. It is the story of Umberto Tommasini, a blacksmith born in 1896 in Vivaro a small village in Friuli in the Italian Kingdom. It is the story of a migration to Trieste, in then-Austro-Hungary, of a socialist family made up of a father and 4 brothers. A family that, already in Vivaro, has made a stir, opening the first social library in one of the two rooms that made up the family house. Later, Umberto throws himself into protest demonstrations, until he ends up enlisted in the Italian Army and then in Caporetto. First shooting up in the air hoping to miss the ""enemy"" and then spending time in prison camps, he walks through the Great War, getting back to Trieste just in time to clash with the first fascist squads in heated and direct social uprising. He is one of the first to end up in political confinement, first in Ponza, and then in Ventotene. Here, he meets antifascist characters such as Gramsci, Di Vittorio and Bordiga, whom he treats as equals, without any awe. Umberto's story is at times epic, as in his ranaway to his exile in Paris, or even when finally his dream of a libertarian revolution comes true in Spain, where the people rebel against Franco's fascist coup d'état. It is here, in Barcelona, that Umberto finds his second home among the anarchic volunteers from all over Europe, next to the other antifascists elements: communists, socialists and liberals. However soon the dream of unity shatters and the dominant approach of the communists prevails, the revolutionary longings of the anarchists are crushed, ending up in repression and even in the killing of Camillo Berneri in the streets of Barcelona. Umberto is forced to retreat, he travels back to France, again in exile, Confinement, and then again in Trieste. Here, he continues to keep alive the torch of anarchy, in hard times for the movement, times oppressed by the domination of the Communist Party on masses and consciences. Then, in 1968, libertarian attitudes and approaches re-emerge in the new generation. Together with these twenty-year-olds, Umberto, already in his seventies, founds the Anarchic Group Germinal. Beyond the charm of adventure and of Umberto's magnetic personality, we tell the story of a man of the people who experiences history by himself all in one breath and without compromises, and joins in bringing it about together with many others. Such immediacy, clearness, completeness and fullness of life make us wonder why is it that today such a life would seem so difficult.
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An Anarchist Life | 1hr : 12mins

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