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Awakening the Wisdom of the Heart - The Contemplative Alliance| 16mins
Director: Janelle Surpris, Peter Lively | Producer: Janelle Surpris
Focus Years: 2014 | Country: United States
Subject Tags: americas, belief, earth as her, ecology, environment, global, non-violence, peace, religion, spiritual awareness, superconscient visions, united states
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
Is contemplative practice more than just mindfulness training? Is it possible that deep, centering practices have the potential to create more a balanced and unified society? Though 'mindfulness' has been mainstreamed in many ways and its use promoted for greater productivity and stress management, many contemplative communities desire to shift the conversation back to inner cultivation, unlocking a shared and innate wisdom. In 'Awakening the Wisdom of the Heart', several contemplative practitioners and leaders from a variety of religions Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, and Native faiths offer their thoughts on the pursuit of heart wisdom. As the narrative unfolds, a story of human unity and ecological integrity emerges, leading the viewer into a hopeful journey on why the sacredness of existence in all its forms is so critical today. Several conclusions are drawn about the wisdom of the heart: Heart wisdom is not merely a 'soft' quality - it is powerful, measurable and we are seeing its expression in movements toward economic localization, slow food and technology movements, and greater stewardship for the Earth. There is a need to revive/reclaim the meaning behind contemplative practice as more than mindfulness training, and rather as a concentrated effort toward awakening innate wisdom. Though 'mindfulness' has been mainstreamed in many ways and its use promoted for greater productivity and stress management, contemplative communities have a role to play in shifting the conversation back to the inner cultivation, which unfolds inner wisdom and a natural emergence of love. These deep, centering practices have the potential to create more balanced societies through an awareness for the collective and sense of unity with the whole. It could be time to re-frame the old story based on logic and rationalism to a new story that is inspired by what we know from our hearts as the 'impossible dream.' This new narrative comprises the human desire to be of service and work cooperatively, not competitively, as well as the desire to live more symbiotically with the planet, its ecology, animal kingdoms and the human community. How this takes form is up to us to create; the new story is shaped by stepping out of the status quo and daring to tell your story - the story you'd like to see.
Awakening the Wisdom of the Heart - The Contemplative Alliance | 16mins

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