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Opening Film: Green Unplugged 2011| 10mins
Director: Culture Unplugged Studios | Producer: Culture Unplugged Studios
Focus Years: 2011 | Country: United States
Subject Tags: culture, ecology, environment, global, globalization, spiritual awareness, transcendent vision
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
human vision of "Green", // toned through time, traditions, trends, tempests. // unplugging the hue today, // how do you see? // * at the infinite, ground of being, do you feel Green to be, // supra consciousness, eternally in motion // fomenting, fertilizing, flourishing, in harmony,  // in atomic~cosmic world? // under canopy spiritual, do you experience Green as, // organic, dynamic, expansive presence, // enveloping you, me, us, them & that,  // in dark, deep & bright - loving, blissful light? // facing incarnation material, do you see Green being, // the dream of abundance, freedom, love, joy // twisted a knot, in human mind & gut, // muddling & saturating our greed & need, // veiling the soul savior, in success, // shadowing our systems & structures, //  to the state of conspicuous corruption? // ** witnessing nature in ruffle, dear life in scuffle, times in shuffle,  // global commons seeking to unearth & unravel,  // the tone of Green today. // with placards, pictures, philosophies, products, // we are offered shades of choices.  // how do you choose to see? // is mother earth deepening or brightening her hue? // in chorus with the Mother,  // do you also cry for change, to create new // future, nature, us, all? // will you drink the Green potion, // to dream & claim spiritual materialism anew? // sprightly, will you sing : // I vote for, // personalized religion, // transparent governance, // world citizenship. // I exist for, // conscious consumption, // cultural selection, // creative communication. // I yearn for, // spiritual society,  // compassionate community, // harmonized humanity. // *** that. // ‘our’ world volving on axis, fatigued & fractured // playing out scene after the one, same. // will we forgo? // this. // "må" terra growing the mind divine, giant & global // pregnating each being with womb integral in soul. // will we carry? // passing us. // believers of world as is, // at game, scornfully dodging perceived suffering, // strengthening the need to survive, status quo, // leading to posit self, sole in center, // raising the Green mean... // emerging us. // receptors of world to come, // at peace, secured in the supreme-self within, // smiling, swaying n singing thru suffering, // rising to the Green guide, bright & divine, // leading to posit life, whole in chest... // **** who do you find in mirror? // how do you see future? // will you partake to prototype // human vision of "Green Future"? // do you see? // how far are we from the world in our dream? // do you feel the rush? // ***** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This opening film is composed of many audio and visual clips from the films entered for this festival.

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