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Gaia : Never Not Here| 59mins
Director: Richard Miller | Producer: Richard Miller
Focus Years: 2010 | Country: United States
Subject Tags: americas, belief, consciousness, global, spiritual awareness, united states
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
I have found out that Awakening is already here, so there isn't anything to do. I am grateful for those who have told me about this. Going away from life, in some kind of "meditation mode", well it wasn't fun at all. Let's not wait all those years. What is it about a transient experience that could be valuable? How does it bring any "understanding"? Typical movies take us to far away places and make us feel as though we were there. Of course a talk show is a completely different experience. With so many videos in this festival, isn't it amazing that we are each immediately attracted to what has interest for us? Especially for those of us with a modest lifestyle without much travel or break from our routine. It definitely seems rewarding to relish beautiful cinematography, music and subject matter to enrich our normal lives. There is a value in that. These are all the things that are "Out There". In our series of talks, we are curious about what is the mechanism that forms our interest. Why does our attention take the focus that it does take and what choice, if any, do we have in the matter. We do not suggest that one should be substituted for the other, just to notice. This comprises what is "In Here."

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