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GO BEYOND, GO BEYOND| 1hr : 56mins
Director: Mooji Sangha | Producer: Mooji Sangha
Focus Years: 2011 | Country: United Kingdom
Subject Tags: consciousness, europe, global, spiritual awareness, transcendent vision, united kingdom
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
This Satsang clarifies many common doubts which seekers face in their own contemplation of Self, and Mooji helps bring 'the Silence of our Being' into full force by reminding us that whatever energies come up to the surface are only being burned away. “You will not fail," assures Mooji, confirming that if you immerse yourself in this Truth full heartedly, you will come to the end of the tunnel free from restless entities which may temporarily molest the beingness. It is not unusual on this pathless path of Truth, for experiences of peace and bliss as well as chaos to arise. While there is an immense space opening up through the gradual absorption of clear understanding, the Beingness rejects all that is not true, false projections, concepts and ideas which have been held onto by the mind. Therefore, it is very likely that one begins to ‘burp out’ these energies, leaving that freshness and oneness to remain by itself. Other questions answered in this video: How do I attain a perfect state of harmony? Do I have to give up myself to realize the Truth? How do I know what is the Self and what is the mind in the external manifestation? How can I keep this peace permanently? Why is it so difficult for me to realize the Self? "Nobody can keep quiet. All that can happen is that you somehow recognize your true place and then there is effortless silence." "Maya is here to help everyone to come out of misery; because, when she bites, it hurts.. And you don't want to be hurt." “Master means Truth. He is the embodiment of Truth, not a person. If you listen to your own Self, you are listening to your Master.”

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