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Kalady - The Triumph of Faith Over Time| 1hr : 20mins
Director: Rajesh Krishnan | Producer: Sri Shankara Advaita Research Centre
Focus Years: 2010 | Country: India
Subject Tags: asia, belief, consciousness, culture, india, spiritual awareness
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
Sanatana Dharma, or Hinduism, is vibrant today largely due to the efforts of Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankaracharya, the great philosopher saint, who lived over 1200 years ago. In his brief life of 32 years, Sri Shankaracharya restored the pristine glory of the Advaita Vedanta philosophy of the Upanishads and reestablished the path through which everyone can experience and become one with divinity. Seldom in history has one individual had so much influence on a nation, its civilization and its religion. While his achievements are eternal and unforgettable, his birthplace was forgotten by society for many centuries. In this film, we describe how Kalady was rediscovered by the 33rd Jagadguru of the Sri Sharada Peetham at Sringeri, Sri Sacchidananda Shivabhinava Narasimha Bharati Mahaswamiji. This film takes you on a visual journey of Kalady from the time of Sri Shankara’s parents, his birth and the miraculous events of his childhood. It also chronicles a contemporary history of Kalady, including the various landmarks and temples associated with his life. The film contains fascinating interviews with ordinary people, former rulers and spiritual leaders who were all influenced by this great philosopher. Through beautiful and heart-stopping images of nature, people and temples, this film provides an unforgettable experience of what Sri Shankara’s life may have been like, and how he touched the lives of Kalady’s residents over the centuries. Speaking in lucid Sanskrit, Jagadguru Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji, the current and 36th Acharya of Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetham at Sringeri, enlightens us about the life of Sri Shankaracharya and the rediscoverer of Kalady - the 33rd Jagadguru. The 33rd Jagadguru instituted the now internationally observed Shankara Jayanti celebrations and was instrumental in bringing about the first-ever publication of the complete works of Sri Shankaracharya. This documentary is dedicated to this revered Mahaswamiji, the 33rd Jagadguru of Sringeri. It is solely due to his untiring efforts that the glory of Kalady and its special place in the legacy of Sri Shankaracharya has been preserved for the world.

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