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The Welcoming- Michael Stillwater ( The Beauty Of Being series )| 8mins
Director: Gary Malkiin | Producer: Wisdom of the World
Focus Years: 2010 | Country: United States
Subject Tags: consciousness, divine, global, spiritual awareness
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
Michael Stillwater is a songwriter and healing music artist, providing inspiration for audiences both in America and internationally. His pioneering work includes providing intuitive songs for patients, caregivers and medical staff facing end-of-life issues led to the creation of Graceful Passages. WisdomFilms is a new genre in contemplative, life-enhancing media. WisdomFilms films can offer a refreshing way to reduce stress and restore balance to your mind, heart, and soul. By featuring spoken wisdom from today's most acclaimed voices in self-help and spirituality, these film sanctuaries provide experiences of profound beauty and a connection to what matters most. At a time of global fear and anxiety, these 'media-tations' offer an antidote that can inspire and awaken all who experience them. Whether utilized as a personal alignment tool or as a shared experience with loved ones, you can experience the magic of transformational media that is spreading throughout the world. To maximize the experience, let go of the concerns of the day, breathe fully and naturally, and allow yourself to feel a connection to the things that matter most. Sharing the film with others tends to inspire an appreciation for the preciousness of the moment and the miracle of life itself. When you feel unusually stressed, remember that you can just close your eyes and bathe yourself in the sound. The blending of spoken wisdom and music alone can provide rejuvenation and soul nourishment. In fact, simply listening to this alchemical wisdom has been endorsed by health professionals as part of a daily healing practice. These films provide a unique opportunity to cultivate the witness within, that quiet inner-knowing which can help us experience equanimity in the midst of any storm. This state, known as The Relaxation Response, enhances your overall health while strengthening your capacity for compassion and inner peace. When you've cultivated these qualities, you become a part of the fabric of the worlds solutions, rather than its problems. This experience over time, can help you, as Gandhi once said, become the change you wish to see in the world.

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