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God Made Them Blind| 1hr : 12mins
Director: Richard Todd | Producer: Richard Todd
Focus Years: 2009 | Country: Australia
Subject Tags: asia, belief, health, human rights, indonesia, oceania
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
John Fawcett dies on an operating table, comes back to life but with amnesia, and has no idea that he is about to change the lives of 25,000 blind Balinese. "God made them blind" is a 56-minute documentary about how Australian ceramicist, John Fawcett, is devoting his life to reducing the enormous number of cataract blind people in Indonesia, after narrowly escaping his own death twice. His biggest challenge however, is convincing a nation that blindness is not God’s punishment. Four years in the making, this film reveals how John’s life-altering quest brings him into conflict with Hindu beliefs of Karma and black magic, resulting in profound personal transformations on both sides. John Fawcett’s life has been full of ‘impossibles.' In 1983, after a medical accident, he was pronounced clinically dead. He finally woke up, given a week to live, ignored this deadline, and consequently lost his job, his life, his family, and a wife he couldn’t recognize. But this potter from Perth's greatest challenge lays before him: After miraculously surviving, fully recovering his photographic memory, and having spent nearly three years in the hospital, he was asked by the governor of Bali to "help nurse an ailing Indonesia back to health." "God Made Them Blind" is the story of John Fawcett’s seemingly impossible mission to reduce the phenomenal number of cataract blind people in Indonesia. This is a story about faith, tenacity, the clash of cultures, and personal transformation. Our Australian hero will understandably face many challenges along the way, but ironically the most resistance will come from the very people he is trying to help. Slowly but surely this gentle man coaxes a fearful population to understand that the Hindu rules of Karma and the miracle of modern medicine can co-exist on "the Island of the Gods." This is John’s story of transformation and the story of three Balinese whose lives he will unwittingly transform forever.

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