Hamza Mahfoudi

Guerrilla Cinema an artistic resistance for freedom of expression in Morocco. We don't believe in censorship & Moroccan filmmaking laws. Cameras are our weapons.

We are an artistic resistance for freedom of expression in Morocco. We don't believe in censorship & Moroccan filmmaking laws. We believe that the Centre Cinematographique Marocain is a corporatist institution designed, under tyranny, to control Moroccan films and contain or censor any critique against the Makhzen. In the spirit of peaceful disobedience, we shoot films and encourage others to shoot films without authorization as a form of protest. Cameras are our weapons. Guerrilla Cinema is an @artivistes' campaign.

Basta was made to show to the people the difficulties and the possibilities of making a movie independently in Morocco, without any permission.

Hamza Mahfoudi and Younes Belghazi tried to show this amazing exprience throught Basta.

Guerrilla Cinema produced other movies like 475 when marriage becomes punishement, Jak Daniel, My makhzen and me... And participated to many festivals, FISAHARA (Westen Sahara), Festival international of film and human rights (Valencia, Spain), Fusion festival (Lärz, Germany), Open eyes festival (Marburg, Germany), Festival of resistance and alternatives (Morocco).

Guerrilla Cinema is in preparation for the next movie, "Walking storm" about the manipulation of TV and media.

Please support art, freedom of expression! Support Guerrilla Cinema!

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BASTA The film that was never made| 30mins
Director: Hamza Mahfoudi & Younes Belghazi | Producer:
Focus Years: | Country: Morocco
Subject Tags: africa, art, creativity, governance, media, morocco, politics
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
In Morocco, a country where censorship and propaganda restrict expression, young directors and film technicians met and decided to start filming without permission, taking their cameras as weapons. A resistant cinematic experience for freedom.

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Hamza Mahfoudi



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