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Natha - turning black into white & white into black| 1hr : 38mins
Director: Joachim Porslund | Producer:
Focus Years: | Country: Denmark
Subject Tags: ego, identity, integral living, spiritual awareness
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
Many who were accused of subversive activities were recognized later in history as heroes, such as Socrates, Jesus, Luther, Gandhi, Mandela, etc. The Romanian yoga teacher Grieg is persecuted in his homeland since the time of Ceausescu. Grieg is accused of leading a paramilitary movement of human trafficking, pornography, sex with similar age, etc. Since 2005, Grieg has sought political asylum in Sweden. Joachim Porslund is 'truth activist' and facilitator of the event Truth Seminar in Copenhagen. He is also part of the yoga school's Danish branch. When he searches backwards through history, he retrieves the stories from the Romanian smear campaign in Jyllands-Posten May 2009 and now with Bubber on TV2 in May 2013. The Romanian historian and former dissident Gabriel Andreescu has elucidated in two books the mechanisms behind the persecution of yoga in Romania, as he heads back to the communist security police Securitate. Repeatedly European parliamentarians and human rights organizations have called to end the persecution; however, it continues both in the Romanian legal system and the media. The Danish journalist Vibeke Sperling finds in its study how Securitate still infiltrating the media and has orchestrated media campaign against Grieg and yoga school. The Swedish cult expert Karl Erik Nylund does a report on Grieg and his yoga school for the Swedish Supreme Court and finds no evidence of subversive activity or industry trends at school, but calls on a priest of the Romanian authorities to stop persecuting and calls Grieg a man with "nådegåvan" (gifts of divine grace). The Swedish Foreign Ministry is following the case closely and, in its report to the Supreme Court, determined that media reporting of the case has orchestrated the persecution. Ulla Sandbaek is a priest and former MEP. She has been engaged for many years in stopping the persecution of the yoga school. After a life as a priest in the church, she believes that it is only in Grieg's yoga school that she has found ways to get close to God. Former MP and psychotherapy association president Erik Smith has a psychotherapy group where several students and teachers from Natha undertake training as psychotherapists. Erik Smith thinks they are lovely open people, although he acknowledges notice that they are very close together because of criticism from the media. Joan Ørting is a former student at Natha, which she believes represents a unique openness and accessibility to the field of sexology and tantra in Denmark today. The head of Natha Yoga Center tells openly of persecution in his native Romania and also about his experiences with erotic films and society — the simultaneously open and suspicious reception of Grieg's yogic methods. In total, a picture of Grieg as a controversial spiritual leader who has engaged Danish politicians and split the Danish media.

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