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Grey side of the sky| 50mins
Director: Mahuya Kanjilal | Producer:
Focus Years: | Country: United Kingdom
Subject Tags: community, culture, europe, gender, inter-cultural relations, migration, united kingdom
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
‘Grey side of the sky’ is a research-based documentary film on British Asian women (British women of South Asian descent) living in Buckinghamshire county of United Kingdom. Buckinghamshire is one of the wealthiest counties of United Kingdom but there is an isolated part of the community and always blamed for not integrating in the wider society. This film is an attempt to find out the historical reasons behind this. South Asian people have migrated to three main towns in Buckinghamshire since the 1950s. The film reflects true life stories of three groups of British Asian women. First group consist of first generation women. Their story starts in the 1960s, when Asian men started to bring their families over UK. Since then the first-generation Asian women have struggled a lot to adjust themselves in a completely different country. The language barrier, climate, food ingredients, style of dress, types of housing and lack of friends and relatives—everything played a role in their isolation. All the happiness went out from their life, which had become nothing but a jail. Young girls who came with their parents suffered from neglects from their family and racism from the others in Schools. Among them there were few who worked hard to bring these women out of their isolated situation. They have become leaders within their community and are successful in their professional life as mayors, teachers, doctors, nurses and social workers. The second group of women are the later immigrants who came after the 1990s. Their problems and situations are very different from the first-generation women. Electronic communication and social networking sites play a major role in maintaining connections with family and relatives in the home country. Though some of the problems, such as the language barrier, remain the same, these women are more confident and can face the differences more gracefully. The third group consists of the young generation of British-born Asian girls. They have a whole different set of problems, as they are torn between two different cultures. They are taught completely differently in their homes and at school, and they live two different lifestyles—one in school with friends, and another with family and relatives. Their desire and ambition hardly takes any shape in this conflict. Still they have aspirations for the future and hope that the isolation will end. All the three groups will try to shed some lights on the reasons behind their isolated situation and their wish to make the society for all. ‘Grey side of the sky’ is a moving film about the journey of British Asian women in Buckinghamshire, which inspire others to change their situation for better.

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