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Theists and Atheists: both are blind| 12mins
Director: SGAS | Producer:
Focus Years: | Country: Mauritius
Subject Tags: belief, global, religion, spiritual awareness
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
This clip is an invitation to discover the book, “Theists and Atheists: both are blind," written by H. H. Swami Paramananda. It focuses on the futility of arguments between believers and non-believers and sheds light on the truth about God or the Supreme Intelligence. It challenges us to seek for ourselves whether there is a Supreme Intelligence or not. This is an intensely thought-provoking book that should appeal to young and old, theists and atheists. Whilst mainstream science and religion are diametrically opposed on the issue of the existence of a Supreme Intelligence or God, Swami Paramananda bridges the gap and transports us into a mystically higher realm of this dual perspective. Many people, including scientists, are shocked by some staunch atheists’ stand against religions and God. Indeed, when an atheist scientist such as Richard Dawkins exposes his strong views, many believers reply back, often harshly. The author sees all this as being positive: it heralds a new era of mental evolution where everything is questioned. But he finds most of the arguments, discussions and debates pointless. Swami Paramananda explains where both theists and atheists go wrong: they are all victims of their mind or rather their poor level of consciousness. With regard to the current state of religion, he sums up by saying, “Man has created God according to his own image and beliefs.” Swami Paramananda scans the views of many diverse authors such as Paul Davies, Bertrand Russell, Alistair McGrath and in particular Richard Dawkins, whom he considers being totally right in questioning all the aspects of religion. Unlike theists, the author appreciates the arguments put forward by Dawkins and finds that he rightly criticizes organized religions and the lack of reflection and narrow-mindedness of most believers, even when they happen to be famous scientists. However, the author cautions against the other extreme, which is blinding oneself to anything that cannot be proven by science as it is now. Through this book, the author also aims to respond to the arguments put forward by Mr Dawkins and even to challenge him and other staunch rational atheists to try a different approach: the science of spirituality. Indeed, they will realize that much more is yet to be discovered through this science. He examines the great havoc caused by all organized religions, which he calls pseudo-religions, and explains that this is precisely because they have been reduced to mere schools of thoughts, based on blind belief, and are completely disconnected with the realizations of the great masters on whose guidance they emerged. In fact, he fully understands all those who feel disgusted with pseudo-religions, but also warns that if organized religions are now corrupt, it does not imply that pure religion is dead. Swami Paramananda shakes all concepts of God as portrayed by religions and believers and joins the Buddha, Jesus and other great masters in proclaiming that God is experienced only in deep silence and stillness. He also exposes the difficulty of properly grasping the true message from scriptures due to their language and way of presenting things. Once again, like science, pure religion is meant for initiates. The author concludes by inviting people, theists and atheists alike, to start the search for truth.

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