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Miracle of life-force| 1hr : 26mins
Director: Stephan Petrowitsch | Producer:
Focus Years: | Country: Germany
Subject Tags: activist healers, divine feminine, europe, germany, spiritual awareness, the masculine
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
Healing from illness, more robust health through the enhancement of self-healing powers, greater physical and psychological resilience, more professional success, better and more harmonious relationships, finding one's own destiny, developing one's full inner potential - don't we all want to optimize our lives in one way or another? For every need, there are consultants, coaches and other specialists who offer solutions. The word "solutions" says it all: Often it takes great discipline to practice methods, training and action strategies until success is achieved. If you suffer from stress, burn out, depression, depressive moods or a serious illness, it is hardly possible for you to put such practices into practice in the long term. But there is a force that is able to set a positive automatism in motion in humans: The life force, often called life energy - the elemental force of our life. It increases resilience, enhances self-healing powers, deepens the ability to feel emotions, increases the scope to deal with situations such as an impending burnout or depressive moods, as well as to achieve greater success in virtually every area of life. But how is it possible to experience such a significant increase in vitality that promises such comprehensive positive effects on your life? When people fail to focus on their own life-path and cannot overcome old traumatic experiences, this weaken their life force. As a result, the autonomous life force that completely heals and protects human beings in its optimal state now has gaps. Because of these gaps, diseases can arise. The good news is that these negative effects can be belanced. When the life force comes back into balance, it regains its old dynamism and life of its own, a golden power arises in man, man fills himself with the consciousness and power of the infinite being again and begins to heal and enlighten. Thus, the force heals man completely, and also protects him - which means that the life force even leads to a kind of (temporary or partial) invulnerability. This phenomenon is called Kundalini process. The Kundalini is seen as the Divine Mother itself in India, and so it's a very feminine and yet extremely powerful energy. The film "Miracle of Life-Force" clearly shows in emotional and impressive pictures the phenomena around the activation of the Kundalini force and explains the deeper meaning of these phenomena.

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