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To those who watch these films:
We are founders of a somatic bodymind philosophy called Spiral Praxis which we teach to people from all walks of life. For us, modern spiritualism is not an esoteric or religious activity—it is simply a way of learning how to increase our internal awareness through everyday activity. We teach a wide range of people, from special needs children and the chronically injured, to athletes, artists, and seekers.

Our purpose making documentaries is to raise consciousness of aspects of bodymind and to disseminate ways of exploring it. Our film-making is economical & independent, using digital technologies that are now open to everyone. Typically one of us holds the camera while the other interviews or teaches. Post-production is performed in a matter of days. Our films are more a collection of real human experiences than stories.

Despite the rough edges of our films, we've taken great care with an eye to inner structure and meanings. If you can connect with the experiences of the people in these films, then we hope you will find what we find teaching our work everyday—an inexpressible wonder at the diversity of human nature and learning. Thanks to CultureUnplugged for inviting us to this festival and you the viewers for your support and future feedback.

Cheers, Steph & Yuji

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Adapted Yoga for People with Special Needs| 16mins
Director: stephyuji gottlob-oka | Producer:
Focus Years: | Country: Canada
Subject Tags: americas, canada, education, global, healing, health, human body
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
"Adapted Yoga for People with Special Needs" is a short, whimsical documentary which documents a class of six teens/adults with special needs who have become passionate about yoga. Shot entirely within a single 90-minute session, the documentary focuses on the subtle nuances of both teaching and learning within this population. Epiphanies abound as the participants—through the vehicle of their own bodyminds—explore how to help each other, find community, and struggle against their own limits. In the process of their overcoming, this documentary shows how disability can magnify the miraculous in human experience.

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