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Not In Our Neighborhood| 1hr : 06mins
Director: Ella Zaharano Grinhouse | Producer: Ella Zaharano Grinhouse
Focus Years: 2013 | Country: Israel
Subject Tags: art, culture, global, identity, israel, middle east, society
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
This film presents the story of five teenagers who live in the slums of Tel Aviv, in the suburbs that are hidden from the eyes of its more cosmopolitan residents. Although the film is in Israel’s social and political center, this is a story of the development of the stereotypes that control society as a whole. Here you will find the “Russian Girl”, the “nigger refugee”, “the oriental delinquent” and the nerd. They are all ineffectually trying to escape the images that are assigned to their skin color, ethnicity or place of residence. Valeria, a pretty girl of Russian extract, dyes her blond hair black in attempt to escape the stigma of “Russian girls”. Sean, the son of refugees from Congo, grew up in an atmosphere of loneliness and racism, and tries to define his identity through music. Udel and Asael from Kfar Shalem are the disturbed, “oriental delinquents” of the neighborhood. Other youngsters know that they are not to be messed with. Ben is one of them, a smart, introverted and quiet boy who dreams of a career in stage acting despite his parents’ absolute objections. A large education project allows them to show a play based on their personal stories and serve as a gateway and a stage, to undergo a revealing process that makes them cope with their life realities. During the composition of the play it is found that their homes and the educational project, despite good intentions, cannot really see beyond the stereotypes themselves.
Not In Our Neighborhood | 1hr : 06mins

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